Our success story

We’ve reached thousands of travelers by successfully launching more than 35 travel portals for clients that come from all sectors of the travel industry.

As a result, our partners sold over 1 million hotels, airline tickets and experiences, and their customers keep returning for more.

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Travel platform

GOLFORD provides an intuitive and easy to integrate platform for all kinds of travel businesses.

We will adjust it for your company’s needs and assist you on every step of the journey planning process, starting from search to booking and selecting the ultimate travel experiences.

Think of it as a template that can be designed for your vision.

Complementary products for a B2B/B2C travel platform

Support Package:

Eliminate the stress of worrying about potential reschedules and delays. By choosing the right support package you can reduce the cancellation and reschedule fees or completely remove them.

Payment in installments:

A more affordable option for customers who are not quite ready to pay the full price upfront. Having an interest-free monthly payments option reduces the number of clients who abandon their orders.

Cancel for any reason:

An ideal solution to encourage more clients to proceed with their purchase. Having a risk free option to cancel at any time eliminates any doubt they might have when planning a trip.

Trusted by major industry players

Achieve your peak customer satisfaction through your new platform that makes travel planning seamless.
  • Detailed reports and analytics

    Get valuable insights about your business to help the management team make the most informed decisions.

  • Unique platform

    We adapt and find the best approach to integrate our technology to maximize your business.

  • Customer-friendly approach

    Our intuitive interface, simplified customer journey, and personalized deals result in more interaction with the customer, encouraging more purchases.

  • 24/7 customer support

    Requires no explanation. We will be there for you and your clients at any time, with no exceptions.